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'New Laureaat’, - we were most fortunate to obtain 3 grand children of this outstanding racer, - 1stNational & 1st International Barcelona 25,382 birds, also winner of the Golden Wing Barcelona award, based on previous Barcelona performances. His dam is inbred to ‘Laureaat Barcelona’, - 1st Barcelona 1995 - 20,925 birds.

Immediately following the 2013 win, New Laureaat was purchased by the syndicate of Batenburg, DeMerwe & Pipa for 250,000 Euro and put to stock, progeny are in huge demand and were selling for around 10,000 Euro. Our good UK friend, Mark Gilbert has managed to secure 3 cocks and 3 hens, direct children.

Between 2013, when his ggsire, Laureaat Barcelona won in 1995, all winners in between those years have been sold to Asia. Consequently for the European fanciers the opportunity to buy children from Barcelona 1st prize winners has been popular.

We have purchased two grand children hens from Mark Gilbert and one hen from Batenburg. Hopefully we will have cock bird g/children when the current bird flu crisis is lifted in Europe.

We discussed with Mark Gilbert various options to breed our two imports from his New Laureaat offspring purchases.

Our first selection was to pair the Merlain super cock STARLIGHT to a New Laureaat hen. Starlight had an outstanding long distance race history, until coming home with shot gun wounds from Tarbes, when he was retired. He was later sold on Pipa and bought by Mark for 12,000 Euro. The result of this mating is our import hen, GB 14J -06107.

Our other selection with Mark was to pair a son of New Laureaat to his Brockamp hen, ‘Mellissa’, - 1stInternational Agen/Bordeaux 11,444 birds – 2011, - grand daughter of Euro Diamond and Mistral ( Brockamps. ) The result of this mating is our import hen, GB 14N -55031. We have Mellissa’s full sister in stock as Pair one Brockamp.

Our third purchase New Laureaat g/daughter was bred and sold by Batenburg. Her dam is a daughter of ‘New Witbuik’, - he was 1st National & 6th International Barcelona 2012 - 25,438 birds. This makes her a g/daughter of 1st 2013, and 6th 2012. She is NL 14 1040362

Due to a ‘mix up’ with the DNA sex testing in UK the two hens from Mark Gilbert were supposed to be cocks, but the DNA laboratory tested them as ‘parrots’, which have different DNA profile to pigeons and they gave us results as ‘cocks’. It wasn’t until they arrived in Australia that our suspicions arose. !!

New Laureaat family - 1st International Barcelona 2013, - 25,382 birds
Pair 1 GB 11R 29987 (born 2014) x NL 14 1040362
Pair 2 GB 14X 40210 x GB 14N 55031
Pair 3 LM15 0745 x GB 14J 06107
Pair 4 LM 15 0807 x LM 16 8808

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Latest results

Pau International 2018

Gilbert Long Distance

Pair 1 GB 11R 29012 (Brockamp/Supreme) x GB 11R 29092 (Brockamp/Supreme)


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German Long Distance


Kipps & Sons - Germany

Pair 1 GB 09X 00088 x GB 09S 67682
Pair 2 SA 13 16946 x GB 09S 67683
Pair 3 SA 10 35006 x GB 08 23990



Rutz & Sons - Germany

Pair 1 GB 13J 11039 (Rutz & Sons) x GB 12J 00459 (Rutz & Sons)
Pair 2 GB 13J 11315 (Rutz & Sons) x GB 12J 00423 (Rutz & Sons)